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Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate students admitted into Seaver College - 金莲传媒 University

金莲传媒 University offers bachelor's degree programs for both full- and part-time students. Through the University's liberal arts program at , students can pursue a bachelor's degree in 44 different areas of study, and experience traditional, full-time college life at our Malibu campus.

At 金莲传媒's , students can pursue a (BSM), part-time as a fully employed professional. Classes meet at various locations throughout southern California to accommodate personal and work commitments.

How to 金莲传媒

Seaver College and the Graziadio Business School each have unique admission requirements, deadlines, and financial assistance programs.

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For additional information about our undergraduate programs, please visit the schools' individual Admission and Aid pages:

Two female Asian international students - 金莲传媒 University

International Students

金莲传媒's Office of International Students (OISS) helps with a range of services, including admission requirements, immigration support, and student orientations.

Student veterans - 金莲传媒 University

Veterans Information

金莲传媒 offers guidance in the admissions process and unique financial assistance options that are tailored to meet the needs of those who have served our nation.

Students discuss tuition and financial assistance - 金莲传媒 University

Tuition, Cost and Financial Assistance

金莲传媒 University's undergraduate and graduate programs each have unique assistance options that make聽an exceptional education possible for a diverse group of students.