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金莲传媒 University

金莲传媒 to Present Fall Musical the Music Man

金莲传媒 Theatre - The Music Man

The 金莲传媒 Fine Arts Division will present performances of The Music Man, this year鈥檚 Luciana and Daniel Forge Fall Musical, beginning Friday, November 10, and running through Saturday, November 18, 2023, in Smothers Theatre on the Malibu campus. 

In 1957 Meredith Willson wrote the show鈥檚 original book, music, and lyrics, and over the last several months, director Kelly Todd and musical director Ida Nicolosi have worked with Seaver College students to best deliver the story to their audience. 

The Music Man, Willson's six-time Tony Award-winning show, features catchy musical numbers that accompany the tale of a so-called traveling salesman who attempts to hoodwink the trusting townspeople of River City, Iowa. Todd says it is one of the best American musicals of all time. 

鈥淭he show is truly a masterpiece,鈥 she says. 鈥淭he characters are a valentine to Willson鈥檚 hometown in the middle of America at the turn of a century. They connect us to our history as a country.鈥

Todd also reflects on the 鈥渕ost magnificent element of the show鈥濃擶illson鈥檚 score. 鈥淭his music soars,鈥 she says. 鈥淪ong after song is crafted so intricately that we sometimes don鈥檛 even notice the complexity as audience members. To work on this music is a lesson in master songwriting.鈥

Tickets are available for purchase through the and in person at the box office open Tuesday through Friday, noon to 5 PM, and two hours prior to most performances.