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The weekend in Florence is considered a "free weekend" as in, you can do whatever you want. If you would like to make the weekend a romantic getaway for you and your guest, do it! If you want to join in with the group and make a few memories early, that works too. Below is a bit of information about Florence, accommodations, activities, and recommendations.

The weekend of 9/3/2021 - 9/5/2021

Most of our family and friends have already expressed that they will be coming early to get adjusted to the time difference and enjoy Florence and surrounding towns before the celebrations begin. We plan on being in Florence over the weekend on Friday, September 3rd.

This weekend is a "free weekend" with very little scheduled to allow everyone time to get settled, explore the city, and begin making memories!

Friday: Free day! Many people will be arriving on this date. 


Saturday: Free day! Here are a few activities we recommend you do. If you want to adventure alone, that is perfectly fine! Use this time to experience the city, visit museums, or people watch in a cafe. If you would like to join the group, just call or text us (our phones will be working, but you can always connect to wifi).

At nighttime, we're taking advantage of the city and going out! It's time to go out, enjoy the town and see what Florence night life is like.

Sunday: This is your last day in Florence! Make sure to check out the artisans, museums, and world-renowned restaurants. Also, get some good rest tonight - we're heading down to the venue early the next morning and making our way through the countryside bright and early. See below for details!


Here are a few helpful links for traveling in Florence. There is a lot of helpful information in here, so as you put together your travel plans for the weekend, make sure to read these blogs. If you ever have any questions, just reach out! 

  • Get your museum tickets early - buy them now! 

  • Make reservations for any nice restaurants ASAP

  • Do your research - use the articles below, and reach out if you are unsure about anything!

  • Pack light - be smart about what you bring


NH Collection Firenze Porta Rossa 

Many friends and family will be staying at NH Collection Firenze Porta Rossa in the Accademia Gallery area. There is absolutely no obligation for you to stay here. If you want to stay in the area but aren't looking to spend as much money, there are multiple hotels nearby that are a more economic choice.

The bride, groom, and multiple friends will be staying just across the bridge near this hotel. If you are interested in staying at an Airbnb, check out Kalia's saved stays that are currently available for the weekend. Remember - this is a free weekend, so do whatever is best for you and your party.

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