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It has been a dream to put on a wedding of ~40 or so guests in Italy for years. It's finally happening!

We have invited our closest family and friends to celebrate our love in one of the most historic and romantic cities in the world. Because we have designed such an intimate wedding, we get to shake things up a bit and do it differently.

The wedding is technically expanded over four days, so we have set up a guide with recommendations for clothing, packing, expectations and mindset.


We are not having a wedding party. Because our wedding is so intimate, we view each and every guest as part of the "wedding party".  With this, we by no means expect you to purchase embarrassing matching shirts that say "DIESON CREW" on the back, but do request something a bit extra...

Since you're all apart of the wedding party, we ask that you wear shades that match the color family our wedding is designed in.

Just think, if ~40 or so people show up to the rehearsal dinner & wedding wearing similarly colored clothes, the photos will turn out amazing! Here are the colors we are asking you try to bring with you, along with a few examples of wedding day attire:


Do you see how well those colors compliment each other? Now just imagine it on a group of people celebrating together! The colors  above are essentially neutrals and jewel tones. Now, if you have a dress or suit that is your absolute favorite and happens to be neon yellow, that is perfectly fine. We will not be upset in any shape or form if you decide to wear something different than the rest. It is just an aesthetic request to make the wedding look cohesive and complimentary.

If you are still unsure of what to wear, we have put together a Pinterest board to help guide you to understand our vision. If you still have questions or reservations, just call or text Kalia at 858-334-8123.


With that, our wedding will be formal, bordering on black-tie. When in Rome, right (or Florence!)? We recommend your favorite suit, dress, heels and anything to make you feel formal and fancy! Cody will be in a steel-blue tux, family members will be in a formal suit. Friends and family that are women are asked to step it up a notch than our usual San Diego style and get a bit spicy. Think: all the fun bedazzles and sparkles to make them shine! There is no such thing as being overdressed at this wedding. And yes, white is allowed.


The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner will also be formal, but not black-tie formal. These will be the only two formal nights throughout the week. Wear your favorite dress and collared shirt and be ready for lots of photos, food and wine.

Need some inspiration? Don't worry! We put together a Pinterest board just in case you wanted to see what we were thinking. This will be updated throughout the next year.


After a 17+ hour flight, you will probably be tired, hungry and maybe even a bit cranky. We recommend you dress for comfort for this 6,222 mile trip. 

Our travel hacks:

  • Bring a pack of Wet Ones and sanitize your space as soon as you get on the plane. That includes your tray tables, arm rest, seat belts and just about anything else you can wipe. We've done this for years and found that we don't get sick or feel as dirty post-flight.

  • Pack an in-flight toiletry kit. These have been a real game-changer. We bring a small bag with a mini hair brush, travel face wipes, mini deodorant  chapstick, a mini toothbrush and paste, and a make up bag to refresh once we land.

  • A change of clothes. I know, it sounds silly, but you never know what could happen in 17 hours. At the very least, bring a new shirt to put on after a fresh roll of deodorant. Kalia brings a fresh pair of socks because flights are always so cold!

  • Snacks - these are EVERYTHING! We bring the following: RX Bars, Perfect Bars, travel size Emergen-C, travel size Green Juice Powder. As far as snacks go, we go with trail mix, cup of noodle, and Cody's go to: sour candy.  Check out the hyperlinks for these, we've linked them on Amazon in case you want to grab a few for yourself!

We're all different, but for Cody and I, these have made International travel so much easier.


We are planning on hosting a few excursions for our attendees. We're still scheduling these, but are tossing around the ideas of horseback riding, golfing, an afternoon at the spa, cooking class, and wine tour. We may not do all of these, but you may choose to add these on yourselves! With that in mind, this is how we recommend you pack:

Horseback Riding: There are stables nearby, and this is a great activity for all ages. Remember to pack for comfort and then style, a lesson Kalia had to learn the hard way.

  • Jeans

  • Tennis shoes/boots

  • Jacket - layers!

  • Baseball cap


Golfing: There is a golf course near by, but dont stress on brining your clubs half way around the world. They have rentals and we can request your size clubs well in advance.

  • Polo

  • Khakis

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

Spa Day: While the boys are golfing, we will be at the Spa. We're thinking essentials: nails and a massage. Stay tuned on what they are offering!

  • Swimsuit

  • Swim cover-up

  • Travel-sized toiletries to freshen up at the spa

  • Sun screen

Florence Walking Tour, Wine Tour & Cooking Class:

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Dress in layers

  • We ask that you dress in the wedding colors recommended above so that all of our photos turn out flawless. You are by no means tied to this, just keep in mind that a photo with complementing colors always looks best!

Packing for four day's worth of travel, excursions, and activities is a lot. You are not alone if you are feeling overwhelmed. We put together a Pinterest board based on each activity so that you can get an idea or feeling of what we will be doing. If you would rather beat to your own drum, that works too. We're just happy you're coming.
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