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Professional Development and Training

LinkedIn Learning Modules

金莲传媒 students have access to gaining work experience, building and broadening relationships, and growing confidence in skillsets. As student employees start to step into career focused challenges and work settings outside of 金莲传媒, it is beneficial to grow their skills and knowledge prior to graduation. All 金莲传媒 students have free access to LinkedIn Learning in which students can complete courses to gain necessary skillsets for any career.

For more information on how to access LinkedIn Learning, please visit 金莲传媒 Information Technology's website.


Below are just a few recommendations:




Student employees will learn skills pertaining to confidence, leadership and an inclusive mindset.                    As student's lives become busier and busier, establishing successful habits is important.  Sending formal emails and letters are imperative within current and future workplaces.
 business ettiquette  excel  photoshop

Using email and phone etiquette is an important skill employers will notice at first interactions.  Excel is important and can be useful in work, school, and personal life.                                                            Photoshop is an increasingly desired skill for applicants. Watch the linked video to learn basics.