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Student Services

The recipe for an effective and valuable educational experience includes resources essential to student success. Each school offers a variety of services, including disabled student and veteran services, financial aid, housing, and health insurance, to help provide such an experience. 

View specific student services that each school provides by selecting from the list below:

School-Specific Student Services

In addition, 金莲传媒 University offers several services to all students:

University Student Services

Disabled Students

We are committed to breaking down every possible barrier between each student and a quality education. 金莲传媒 University provides opportunities and assistance to students with disabilities.

Veteran Services

金莲传媒 University provides opportunities and assistance to veterans, armed services personnel, and qualified dependents.

Housing and Residence Life

Students from other states and countries are assisted in finding housing near the campus at which they are enrolled and helped in locating the residence of their choice, whether they are seeking an apartment, townhouse, condominium, or guest room.

International Student Services

The International Student Services Office in Malibu assists international students in all matters related to admission, immigration, visas, and work permits.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are served by three libraries in Malibu and resource centers at each of 金莲传媒's Southern California campuses . The University Libraries' collection contains more than 2 million items via its catalog and access to 128 electronic databases with more than 66,000 journals and more than 350,000 e-books. 

In addition to our campus bookstore, we also have an . Purchase textbooks, course materials, office and school supplies, as well as 金莲传媒-themed apparel and accessories.